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About Me, Your Personal Tourist Guide and Tour Assistant

Your Private Tour Guide and Assistant

My name is Ekaterina Karavaeva, or just Katia if you wish. Since 2005, I have been working as a tourist guide in St. Petersburg, where I was born and whose beauty makes it easy for me to pass on my love for my city to my guests.

To start working as a tourist guide, in the last year of my Linguistics Studies (St. Petersburg State University, 2005, Cum Laude), I have attended the full course in guide training and obtained licenses for all major museums in St. Petersburg by passing the respective examinations.

In order to perfect my language skills in English and German and to further foster my personal development, I obtained my second third level degree in Business Administration in the dual degree programme between the European School of Business in Reutlingen, Germany, and Dublin City University in Dublin, Ireland (BA in European Business, First Class Honours). During my studies and upon my graduation in 2010, and I continued to work each summer in St. Petersburg as a tourist guide.

With six years of extensive work experience as a tourist guide I have gained in-depth understanding in organising of tours for both, individual travellers and groups of up to 50 people, and would like to invite you for a wonderful experience with me in St. Petersburg!

Offer Overview

Service Price

Development of a customised programme for your visit


English-language guided tours (other languages on request)

from 12 € / hour,

your children enjoy the tour with you for FREE!

Booking and delivery of museum admission vouchers

(Museum admission without queuing, minimal waiting times)


Museum entrance fees: different depending on museum

Request prices here

Car hire

from 15 € / hour

Transfer (airport/ train stations)

from 40-45 €

Tickets for ballet, opera, folklore, circus, etc.

Request prices here

Advice by email


Interpreting (German, English and Russian)

Request prices here

Translations (German, English and Russian)

Request prices here

Service and Offer Details

The focus of my offer is on the organisation of guided tours and excursions in St. Petersburg and its surroundings. I will develop for you for free a tailored excursions programme for your visit in St. Petersburg and organise a private tourist guide (either myself or an equally competent colleague of mine) to accompany you on the tours of your choice in the language of your choice.

I offer English/German tourist guide service at an attractive price of 12 € (at least 480 RUR) per hour, if you are travelling in a group of up to 2 people; larger groups of 4+ travellers will enjoy a price of less than 4 € per person per hour, please ask for the exact price here. For different languages, please ask for the price here. In any case, my guiding for the children who travel with their parents or grandparents is for free! The minimal order for guiding services is 5 hours per day.

The fact that I will pre-book museum admission vouchers for you makes my offer especially attractive as the vouchers will save you much time allowing you to avoid the endless up to 2 hours long lines to the ticket offices of the museums (e.g. Hermitage and Catherine Palace - see photos of queuing people below). The museums entrance fees are not included in the above price of the guiding service and are to be paid extra.

You will avoid this line to the Hermitage ticket office with my entry vouchers!You will avoid this line to the Catherine Place ticket office with my entry vouchers!

For tours and excursions that require a car I will order for you a rental car, van or coach of an appropriate size. The cost will differ depending on the size and class of the vehicle, starting from 15 € per hour. The price will be calculated for the hours spent with the customers plus one extra hour for the vehicle delivery.

I am happy to arrange for a transfer to or from the airport or train station with prices starting at 40-45€ depending on vehicle size and class.

I can advise you on the best theatres and stages of St. Petersburg and order for you ballet and opera tickets or any other tickets for the event of your choice, eg. tickets for circus or a dolphin show for your children.

If you are interested in my interpreting or translation services (English, German, Russian), please ask the price for each case here.

I would be happy to advise in other matters, such as hotels, visas, registration here.

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