Shore Excursions

!!! Dear guests, due to private and family matters (expecting a second child and pursuing studies for UN interpreter and translator) I will NOT be taking orders for the 2016 season !!!
The EMAILS are being FORWARDED to the best of my guides, who will respond to you directly and give their prices.

(Thank you for your understanding and I wish you a nice time in St. Petersburg!)

This page is created to offer the shore excursions designed specifically for cruise ship visitors to meet their special needs:

  • tour tickets (also called blanket visas) are included to allow you to disembark and pass the passport controls to participate in my tours without any trouble despite not having a real Russian visa in your passport
  • port entry passes for the vehicle are included to allow my guide and driver to collect you at your ship's terminal and bring you back to it at the end of the tour
  • the beginning time of the itinerary is not earlier than required to arrive at attractions at their opening times which takes into consideration the time switch that you have to adjust to coming from the West (eg. 9am in St. Petersburg equals 6am in UK) 
  • the tour ending time (arrival at the terminal of your cruise ship) is set a full hour before the departure of your cruise ship to allow you to maximise the time spent in St. Petersburg while still arriving back on ship early enough to be absolutely sure not to miss the departure
  • on the departure day there is always a bit more than enough time planned for return from the last attraction to the ship, just to be double safe! 
Here are the Suggested Itineraries for 1 Day - 2 Days - 3 Days