1 Day

!!! Dear guests, due to private and family matters (expecting a second child and pursuing studies for UN interpreter and translator) I will NOT be taking orders for the 2016 season !!!
The EMAILS are being FORWARDED to the best of my guides, who will respond to you directly and give their prices.

(Thank you for your understanding and I wish you a nice time in St. Petersburg!)

1 Day in St. Petersburg

As different attractions in St. Petersburg have days off and are closed on different days of the week, no itinerary suitable for any weekday can be offered. Please check the day of the week on which your cruise ship will be in St.Petersburg and follow one of the links below accordingly: WORK IN PROGRESS
  • On Monday in St. Petersburg (Closed are: Hermitage, Grand Palace in Peterhof) - Please simply replace Hermitage with Russian Museum in itineraries that do not include Grand Palace of Peterhof here and here
  • On last Tuesday of the month in St. Petersburg (Closed are: Catherine Palace, Grand Palace in Peterhof, Russian Museum)
  • On Tuesday in St. Petersburg (Closed are: Catherine Palace, Russian Museum)
  • On Wednesday in St. Petersburg (Closed are: St. Isaac's Cathedral, Saviour on the Spilled Blood) - Please simply replace the both closed churches in the tour offering for other days of the week with Peter and Paul's Fortress (incl. Cathedral) and Kazan Cathedral and deduct 6 Eur/person. If only one of the churches was planned on a tour, please replace it with Kazan Cathedral or extra time for photo stops and deduct 6 Eur/person.
  • On Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday in St. Petersburg - any itinerary possible, all attractions open